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A new video series from Eric G Miller of Wineries Express, LLC. Coming in the next several weeks as we begin on site shooting. Today is March 10, 2020. Plans are to have first videos posted by Easter (April 12).

For the 'Wine Curious' crowd

If You and your friends are interested in wine, of course like wine, but are unsure how to approach or select, wonder about names, region references, or funny wine talk; We're here to help! The first set will be short videos of five minutes +or- a few. Then we'll start going deeper.

Everyday Wine Subjects

Curious about varietals, what happens in the vineyards, how wine is made, what's the deal with barrels, tasting order, equipment used in the process of wine making. We'll explore those. AND let us know if you have a particular interest. Maybe we'll do an episode about it.

WTFwithEric Season 1 Episode 1

Lauch of 'Wine Tasting Friends with Eric'

aka WTFwithEric.com

Tasting Techniques

Due to Covid19 this is a produced at home intro

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